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The Luxury Blockchain Experience

Our aim is to be the undisputed number 1 watch brand on the blockchain. With metaverse and augmented reality shaping the future of web 3.0, we plan to be at the forefront of this new age digital fashion world. Our team of experts, designers and visionaries have a work rate and creativity that will take Zolchix to the top.


Zolchix is also designed to help you live the exclusive lifestyle you deserve. We plan to help our exclusive members with exclusive access to a luxury invesment portfolio.

Zolchix is not only an NFT watch brand, but we also plan to tokenize real world assets and help everybody add luxury watches to their investment portfolio. Tokenization is one of the best use cases
for DAO tokens.

Our extensive network of contacts and dedication to exceptional service will provide holders with best experiences that life has to offer.

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