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With thousands of luxury watches out there, we would like to give token holders the important information they need in order for us to purchase the watches that may be the best investment.

Through tokenization, people will no longer have to invest according to the watch they can afford, instead they could vote on watches that they believe are the best investments for Zolchix to tokenize.

We are in a revolutionary time period and we plan to lead the way in revolutionising web 3 in more than 1 way though elegance, luxury and simplicity.


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Disintermediation in financial
markets can take several forms,
two of which are peer-to-peer
trading and atomic settlement.


Financial inclusion is a measure of
how accessible a person's
finances are. In contrast to
collectable watches, which allows
retail customers to engage in
waiting lists and have strong
connections, the use of tokens to
trace the origin of watches is not
directly connected.


Corporate actions, such as
automatic dividend payments via
smart contracts, will be common
instances of process
improvement through
tokenization for Zolxhix Finance

Zolchix Finance App

Coming Soon

The Zolchix Finance app will deliver unrivalled
levels of transparency, security, and liquidity to a
market that was previously unavailable to all but
the most privileged customers.

Financed by the revenue generated from our
watch brand, Ultimately, we aim to make
Zolchix Finance the Coinbase of collectable
watches where security tokens will be traded
with real-time charts.

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